18th World Edible Oils International Contest AVPA

Paris 2020


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The Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products, AVPA, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, mainly composed of producers and taste enthusiasts. The association's goal is to enhance the value of agricultural products and to recognize the excellence of certain producers too often forgotten in the midst of mass marketing.


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AVPA gathers in its offices a selection of exceptional products, winners of its competition, on which the services it offers are based. A team of sensible and sensitive professionals regularly collaborate in its activities and allows it to bring together larger networks, all in the spirit of supporting the promotion of exceptional products.



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Marketing manager

Zealong_Sen Kong

Nex Zeland


Dayle Purcell

Aqui live, Australia
Australian Premium Mineral Water

Eva Sladekova

Import-export manager

Velleminfroy, France

Christine Coleman

Buddha's Cup, Hawaii


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