Contest AVPA

World Edible Oils 

AVPA has found a recognized place in the vegetable oil sector as its 18 years old contest has become the reference in the profession.

 Over 400 oils representing twenty countries compete. Jean-Emmanuel Jourde, secretary of the association, pays particular attention to this sector.

The contest is open to producers of vegetable oils (growers and mills) or their groups (cooperatives, origin denominations) registered in the AVPA association.

For olive oils, AVPA offers a richer classification than usual, so as to allow all the traditional tastes encountered in the Mediterranean and the World to express themselves.

The categories for grain, seed and nut oils gathers all virgin oils that can be cold pressed from any plant to get cooking oil, whether classified or not in the category of oilseeds.


Dates to remember

Registration forms and the samples to be received before February 28th 2022

The registration form for the 2019 competition will be available for download

6 months before the event