Healsi receives the silver trophy, in the category of smooth and medium waters, of the prestigious international contest GOURMET WATERS, organized by AVPA (Agency for the valorization of agricultural products) Tuesday, March 20, at the headquarters of the prefecture of Paris of the 4th district,  held the awards ceremony of the second edition of the Gourmet Waters International Competition, the International Competition of mineral waters and spring arranged dall ' AVPA (Agency for the strengthening of agricultural products), a non-profit governmental organization. Producers from around the world ( 19 countries present) gathered in Paris on March 20 to receive the world's most prestigious trophies of best water in the individual categories, in front of an audience of diplomats, expert tasters or hydrosommers, and qualified representatives of the supply chain. Distributed in 6 different categories (3 soft waters and 3 sparkling waters),  75 exceptional waters were examined by specialized juries, tasters, chefs (including the French Cooking Academy) and amateurs. The tasting sessions were held in Ferrandi's sensory analysis laboratory at the AVPA headquarters. After just two years of history, the AVPA-Paris 2018 International Gourmet Waters Competition may well claim to be the global benchmark for competitions based on the organoleptic characteristics of the product dedicated to mineral water.


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