AVPA gathers in its offices a selection of exceptional products, winners of its competition, on which the services it offers are based. A team of sensible and sensitive professionals regularly collaborate in its activities and allows it to bring together larger networks, all in the spirit of supporting the promotion of exceptional products.



AVPA offers training:

  • for producers who want to refine their knowledge of taste and understand the expectations of the so-called gourmet market

  • for tasters who wish to refine their taste perception and get a good qualification

  • for distribution professionals which are offered technical sessions addressing distribution and implementation issues. Sourcing, merchandising, revenue and ceremonial, all of which can transform a qualitative effort in factors of margin increase

Tasting Workshop


The success of your events may depend on the quality and originality of your animations. AVPA offers activities that help initiate a public always eager to understand what it consumes.

Through tastings, original recipes developed with the technical teams, a genuinely friendly exchange is established.

Organized upon request (school committees, work committees, amateur associations), an introduction to tasting allows an audience of enthusiasts to discover a world of flavors that is organized and structured around AVPA categories and products.


Fund support to producers


AVPA is a non-profit organization. It saves its potential financial surplus in a "Support Fund Exception Producers" devoted to producers who, without this support, do not have the means to benefit from the services of the association.

Support to producers


Image and reputation support.

By entering AVPA, producers come to weigh against the best! They also carry the hopes of a medal which proves to be an excellent communication medium to employees, partners and daily partners of the company who are proud of their organization's success, but also to suppliers, bankers and administrative bodies who are reassured by this international recognition. Finally, for customers, the AVPA medal is a fantastic business tool.


Technical support.

AVPA is able to set up technical teams that can actually support producers in their qualitative efforts.


Support to distributors

AVPA offers three services:



Free highlighting in the establishment of the AVPA awarded products


AUDIT AND TRAINING in the point of sale:  Audit and training with your own staff


TRAINING within AVPA premises

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